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Family photo

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Is In The Air, I Smell Easter Coming!

Easter is on it's way and I am getting so excited! This holiday has been  one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. The Easter Bunny never missed our house and I was always delighted with the goodies he brought me. Waking up to candy and gifts is something I could get used to on a daily basis. I feel like the fuzzy little chicks and bunnies everywhere are all signs of Spring and where there is Spring there will soon be Summer..... Hallelujah! Since I love to bake and create pretty desserts usually  (unless I'm having a bad day) Easter is an absolute
joy to work with as a theme. I have a lot of holidays and events that I did not post from this past year or so and this is a perfect chance for me to show some of my stuff off. Last year I brought this bunny cake and these sugar cookie bars to Easter dinner at our dear friends Brittany and Ryan's home. This cake is one of the most fun cakes to assemble. I just used a chocolate box cake that I baked in one deep circle cake pan. I find that baking box cakes this way makes them very moist and more dense like a good homemade cake. I then sliced the cake in half  and created a peanut butter cream and crushed Kit Kat filling to put between the layers. I put a layer of chocolate butter cream frosting covering the entire cake. I then placed Kit Kats around the outside and filled it with candy eggs and topped it with a fondant bunny bum that looks like he is diving right into the cake! Adorable right?! I really liked the sugar cookie bars I made as well. So simple, a regular sugar cookie recipe smashed in a pan, bake, top with frosting and sprinkles, cut, plate, and your done!

Of course before we indulged in our Easter feast we attended church in our Easter Sunday best. A tradition I started when I had my first baby. Everyone gets a new dress and  a new pair of shoes to match. So that my hubby doesn't feel left out he gets a new tie that of course coordinates with all our outfits. Looking back at these pictures brings back so many emotions. My baby girl Kenzie was only six months old. She was so chubby! Love her cheeks! I also am reminded of the company we shared that day. My lovely sweet friend Jessica was there with her husband Travis and their baby girl Ainslie. They moved last summer and took a piece of my heart with them. We had such a great time and Britt made a
delicious ham and some killer homemade rolls. What more could we ask for? An Easter egg hunt of course! My girls had so much fun being little bunnies searching for the hidden eggs with Brittany's daughter Roice. They love her like she is just another one of their sisters. I actually just went to the store today and got some of my favorite Easter goodies as well as my girls' Easter dresses! I can't wait to show pictures of them all dressed up. I am also planning on making some pretty darn cute spring time desserts! Keep checking up on my blog to see the sickengly sweet cutness about to pour!

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